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Denise Saracho
Food has always been good here. However, when I ordered food last saturday, the beef lomein was bland, sauteed string beans with chicken was so bland, the fried rice was so bland, the pork egg foo young was so bland. Even if you put lots of soy sauce, the food is still bland. It actually made it worst because the food then just taste soy sauce. you cant taste the food. We end up throwing the darn food. It was so disappointing!!!
Hi First Wok This is Will with DoorDash. I've been trying to connect to speak about setting up a partnership between our businesses. DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service. We just launched in this area and we've had several customers searching your business name on our platform so I want to talk about how a partnership works. A few quick facts on DoorDash: - We have no startup cost - We do over 250,000 deliveries per week in our current markets - We generate about $5-15K/month in incremental revenue for our partner restaurants - We have no contracts - partners can pause/cancel anytime Can we chat sometime in the next 48 hours? Cheers, My cell is 607-591-5403. if you have immediate questions.
do you have a catering menu? Our co would like to order lunch for 40 people. Also, do you deliver?
Oliver Victoriano
Food here is great!. Best Chinese Food in town!